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Taxes are a very important part of our lives. Every one who has any kind of income has to file their tax return every year. That includes individuals who work for other companies as an employee or individual who are self employed, small business owner and mid size small corporations.In short everyone.

At Eeztaxes we want to make your tax filing a breeze. according to US tax filing statics, billions of Tax dollar in refunds are unclaimed. IRS want people to file taxes and claim there refunds.

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EezTaxes Inc. provides clients with expert tax preparers who are ready to help individuals and small business owners answer their complex tax questions, file tax returns and offer help with setting up a sound financial future.

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  • Accounting Consulting and Services
  • New Company Set-up
  • Retirement Planning
  • Investment Benefit Planning
  • Financial Planning & Management

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There are lot of Tax preparer and accountants out there. What make us so different? Because we care!.

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